One a weekend I was scheduled to speak, Tom and I had the three youngest grandkids staying with us. While I would be speaking, Tom would be watching the kids– without me.

The moring of the event, chaos and busyness of trying to do all that I could before leaving the house, I had all of twenty minutes to get myself ready. My morning was rushed and void of quiet time with the Lord, and I was running on four hours of sleep. Weary and worn, I felt inadequately equipped to go and serve the Lord. Saying a quick prayer, I asked the Lord to carry me through.

Five-year-old Grayson asked where I was going. Telling him that I was going to a church to tell women about Jesus, I asked what he thought I should tell the ladies. He said, “Tell them Jesus loves them. That He loves them so much that He died on a cross for their sins. But that He is not dead now. He lives in heaven with His Father and, someday He is going to come back for them to take them there to live with Him and His Father.”

Though I had no quiet time to spend with the Lord, through the lips of my grandson, God spoke.

I gave the message Grayson told me to give, and taking his advice to have a puppet sing, Grandma Puppet sang, This Little Light of Mine. 

A high school sophomore told me she loved the story that I shared.

The trend continues of God showing His hand at work in the youth.

Later thanking God for carrying me through, I heard him whisper, “I always do.”