July 1, 2024

Wonderfully Made

I spoke at the Fillmore Christian Church this past weekend. Their theme, Wonderfully Made, was going to tie in nicely with the story of the Immanuel Quilt. My prayer is always that the glory of the Lord might be seen in sharing His Story.

On the morning of the event, before ever rising, or even waking, I had a vision. I warn you; it will sound a bit weird and a bit funny, but I think you will see there was meaning in it for the day ahead of me.

In the vision I was walking in a hall at Clay County St. Vincent Hospital on my way to see the administrator. While I was walking, I was brushing my teeth!

Okay…I can hear you laughing.

Anyways, before I reached the administrator’s office, she came walking up behind me and put her hand on my shoulder.

The vision pertained to the mission I was going to do that day.

What does an administrator do? Administer. The word minister is right there.  The Immanuel Quilt Ministry was going to administer God’s Word.

Synonyms for Administrator are controller, head, chief, leader, and governor. Most of these are also Names of Jesus. I was seeking the administrator (God) and the administrator comes from behind to touch me.  This is what I heard:

I’ve got your back! The words from your mouth today will be fresh with cleansing power (symbolic with the toothpaste) to bring healing (referenced with the hospital) to those who will receive the Word.

I have heard many messages on the topic of being Wonderfully Made, but I’ve never heard any that has taken a twist like this. The Scripture shared was 1 Corinthians 12:28.

God has placed in the church first of all apostles, second prophets, third teachers, then miracles, then gifts of healing, of helping, of guidance, and of different kinds of tongues.

The Immanuel Quilt showcases more than Names of Jesus—it showcases His different gifts as well. Gifts of healing and helping, of being our refuge, leader, friend, and Savior.

My friend, like the Immanuel Quilt, you have been inspired and designed by God to showcase all the gifts He has given you. You are Unique. Exceptional. Amazing. Awesome. Inspiring. Extraordinary. Beautiful. And—Wonderfully Made!

NOTE* Click here to listen to Wonderfully Made audio message.