In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps. – Proverbs 16:9
I left the house for a hair appointment, telling my husband I’d be home soon. In the short amount of time I was gone God directed my steps in a spectacular way.

As I pulled into the salon’s parking lot my phone dinged with a text message. It was my hairdresser letting me know that she was on her way—to sit tight and wait. Using the time to read emails on my phone, I just sat in my vehicle to wait on her arrival.

Two vehicles pulled in and parked next to me. I watched the drivers get out of their cars and enter the establishment next to the salon.  This establishment is a ministry—for girls! Get Real exists to encourage, equip and empower girls to Get Respected Educated Able and Loyal in Christ! Each time in the past that I’ve stopped to introduce myself, no one was there. Do you care to guess what my next step was?

Of course, I got out of my car, with a book in hand, to go introduce myself and to pitch The Immanuel Quilt. It wasn’t hard at all. Turns out the woman and I had met before at a Christian youth camp and she is familiar with the Immanuel Quilt. She told me my timing was incredible. They were looking for someone who could present the gospel in a unique way for the girls in December. Honestly, my timing had nothing to do with me being there at that moment. My timing would have had my head in a wash bowl.

Next door I listened to my hairdresser apologize profusely for being late. She told me there was no reason she should have been late. She left her home earlier than usual.

Rarely do days go as planned, however, when God directs your steps—wonderful things happen. Gain a desire to accept each interruption as a gift from God. It’s how to see Him at work in your day. Would you like to have an extraordinary day? Let the Lord guide your steps.