As a young woman hoping for the man of her dreams – I had a dream. It turned out to be a divine dream revealing the love of my life.

I was ready to meet the guy who would be in my life forever; the man I would fall in love with, marry, and live happily ever after with. I didn’t trust myself to make this important decision on my own and I absolutely wanted to get it right.

I began praying for the Lord to lead the right one to me, help me be patient during the wait, and most importantly, let me recognize when he would come calling.After many nights of reciting my prayer, I received the dream. It was in May, the final weeks of my junior year when I dreamed that Tom Wolf was asking me out for a date. Very clearly I heard the date July 16th. I knew without a doubt it was a dream from God.

Telling my mother about the dream the next morning, she was skeptical. What’s a mother to think about a dream like this? She knew Tom. We were in the same class, lived only two miles apart on the same road, and we went to the same church. We were both very active in the youth group and, as a matter of fact…we accepted Christ on the same day at the same place back in junior high when the youth group went on a weekend retreat.

Mom thought Tom was a nice young man. But still, she wondered where all this was coming from. She questioned, “Why?” “Are you interested in him?” “Have you heard he likes you?” Of course neither was the case at the time.

Tom’s Story

I felt ready to meet that someone special God had planned for me. I didn’t know who she might be but, I trusted God knew. I was praying He would show me who she was; who it was He wanted me to grow old with. I asked God to lead me to her and give me the courage to ask her out because I only wanted to ever have one first date.

Popping the Question

On Saturday, July 9th our youth group went to Indiana’s Raccoon Lake for a day of boating, swimming and picnicking. We soaked up the sun as the chaperones navigated their boats across the lake. I’m not sure whether it had anything to do with seeing me in a bathing suit or not, but come evening, Tom popped the question.

With our friends nearby but out of earshot he asked, “Would you want to go to a movie next Saturday?”

My mind was spinning excitedly. Next Saturday? As in Saturday, July 16th?! I thought this is the one! This poor guy has no idea I’m his future wife.

God’s Plan

All those years we spent in the same places and sharing the same friends, it’s amazing we were never attracted to one another. God had a plan though. He meant for us to be together. We have trusted God to get us through the storms that have occasionally popped up… because…we know… God has given us the gift of love that will last forever.

Thank you, Lord, for a life of love.

Note: For our 30th Wedding Anniversary my gift to Tom was having our story put to song. I would like to thank the “Higher Ground Family” for writing our song, “Life of Love.” Click below to listen.