​We had a fun, full, and fatiguing week watching the three youngest grandchildren for three days and nights and having all six grandchildren the final night for one big sleep-over party. We watched the kids swing, play ball, zip-line, ride a dinosaur, do flips, and try to solve what they called, the Mystery at Grandpa’s Barn.

Certain I had heard a critter inside our mini-barn I went running out screaming, with arms flailing. After my husband made a thorough inspection, he found the noise was only a tree limb brushing across the roof. Our grandsons could not be convinced of this truth. The boys spent HOURS searching for clues of a critter that did not exist.

While the boys were busy writing down the noises they were hearing in their detective notebooks, our granddaughter was secretly planting irrelevant evidence. They recorded hearing hissing, humming, hopping, and buzzing noises. They even recorded evidence of bugs being found and boxes moving. A list of suspects was compiled. Could our culprit be a raccoon, mouse, rat, snake, squirrel, opossum, fox, chipmunk, gerbil, woodpecker, or a big army of ants?

Grayson, (5), went in the house and grabbed the two wooden crosses I keep on our coffee table. He calls them blasters. He tucks them inside the waistband of his pants and uses as super-hero weapons to blast away bad guys. Though the boys were not brave enough to enter the barn alone, together, armed with blasters, they had the courage to forge into the unknown.

From early in the afternoon into sundown they continued searching for clues to solve the Mystery at Grandpa’s Barn.

Early the next morning, still in pajamas, the boys were back in the barn searching for new clues.  Of course, the boys didn’t find any critter culprit but, they had hours of fun searching!

I suggest we follow their plan to seek the Mysteries of God.
Armor up, grab your blasters and be battle-ready. (Ephesians 6:10-17)Seek truth. (Psalm 119:130, John 8:32)Take note of what is going on. (Deuteronomy 6:6-8)Be strong and courageous. (Joshua 1:9)Buddy up. Forge ahead with a friend. (Isaiah 41:10)Persevere.  (2 Chronicles 15:7)
What special memories do you have playing at your grandparents house?