“Surely the arm of the LORD is not too short to save”
Isaiah 59:1 NIV


It was a happy and glorious day—our son TJ and his bride, Lauren were getting married. Tom, my husband, was privileged to be doing their ceremony. They had chosen an intimate garden wedding for meshing their two families together. It was a beautiful garden and it was also a beautiful, warm and sunny day. Very warm.

Though the wedding was an 11:00 a.m. ceremony, the sweltering heat had already arrived. Tiered layers of brick ordained the ground of the gazebo, baking the three—a father, a son, and his bride. There was no shade of protection, no canopy of clouds.

In the midst of TJ reading his heartfelt, hand-written, emotional vows to Lauren–she took a few staggered steps, her body went limp, and–she fainted. We watched as she fell backwards with no one to catch her. We could see what was happening, but happening too quickly to stop it. In gasps of horror we watched Lauren fall.

In milliseconds my mind thought of how she could be injured. A gash, a concussion, or worse—a paralyzing  injury. Undoubtedly, her fall would result, in minimum, a trip to the emergency room. Amazingly though, in the nick of time, my husband reached down, grabbed her wrist and–saved her. He was able to safely lay Lauren down. He’s always told me that he has quick, cat-like reflexes.

Tom was hailed a hero for saving Lauren. But, it was the ARM OF THE LORD who saved her.

A father, a son, and a bride.

Our heavenly Father created marriage to be a metaphor of Christ’s relationship to the church. The church–the body of believers are the bride. Christ is the Bridegroom. God uses every act of deliverance–every touch, every manifestation of Himself to make us a suitable bride. We’ve been been chosen to be espoused to Christ Jesus in the most epic wedding ever!

TJ and Lauren made vows to always love and cherish one another. Jesus has made the same vow to you. Are you passionate for Jesus?  Have you given Him your heart? Can you call Him your Bridegroom? If the Holy Spirit is poking at dying embers inside you, ask Jesus–the ARM OF THE LORD to reach down and save you. His Arm is not too short to save His bride.

“The LORD is my strength and song, And He has become my salvation.”
Psalm 118:14 NASB